How Can I Protect my Carpet

Janice asks: How Can I Protect my Carpet

A carpet can complete the look of an entire room or the design of an entire house. It doesn’t matter if you want a carpet for residential or commercial spaces. The most important thing to remember about carpets if that they are investments. As you know, any investment requires attention and care. You should always maintain it to keep it looking like new. When you do this, you prolong its life and you prevent it from showing the ravages of time.

If you know how to protect your new carpet, you can say goodbye to purchasing another one in the next few months. It is not practical to do so, considering the expense that it entails.

Here are some small tips in protecting your carpet. Follow them and you can have a carpet that can last for more than five birthdays:

Vacuum your carpet regularly. This prevents sediments from becoming embedded in your carpet. Get a vacuum with a brush or beater bar, which effectively loosens dirt and adjusts to the carpet’s pile. Vacuum your carpet five times a week if it is in a medium to high foot traffic spot. You can just vacuum it every week if it is in a low foot traffic area.

Make use of a carpet pad. A carpet pad adds more resilience to your new carpet. It also gives more comfort.

Consider adding rugs over your new carpet. This prevents dirt and spills from touching your new carpet. You should always clean the rugs regularly.

Place a walk-off mat at every entrance of your house or office. The mat collects moisture and dirt, preventing stains and grime from accumulating on your new carpet.

Install drapes, shades, or blinds in sunny, carpeted rooms. Sunlight can cause your carpet’s color to fade easily.

Put carpet protectors underneath your furniture’s legs. Heavy furniture can damage carpets. Coasters and protective sheets can help protect your carpet when you move or position furniture over it.

Protect your carpet with these simple, practical methods. With these tips, you can enjoy your carpet for a very long time.

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