Why is a Bicycle Helmet Important

Joy asks: Why is a Bicycle helmet important?

Bicycle safety is important if you’re planning to ride a bike, and failure to wear the right bike safety gear can result in injury. One of the most important pieces of safety gear is the bike helmet, which helps to protect your head from brain injury if you have a bike accident.

Safety Standards for Helmets

A bike helmet is such an essential piece of equipment that the United States government actually has safety standards for these helmets. When you purchase a bike helmet, it should come with a sticker saying that it meets the Consumer Product Safety Commission safety standards. If you can’t find this sticker on the helmet, don’t buy it.

The Right Fit

It’s also important to purchase a bike helmet that fits properly. The helmet should not be too big or too small. It should fit snugly to the head and should be large enough to provide protection to the forehead as well. However, the helmet shouldn’t be so large that it falls down on your eyes.

Wearing the Helmet Properly

After purchasing the right helmet, make sure that you wear it every time you ride your bike. When it’s on your head, the helmet should be level and it should cover the forehead. Never tip back the helmet, allowing your forehead to show. This leaves your forehead unprotected. Ensure that the straps are fastened before you start riding or the helmet could fall off right when you need it. The straps should be adjusted so they are snug, which ensure your helmet won’t move around while you’re riding.

When to Replace Your Helmet

Anytime you have a bike wreck and your helmet hits the pavement or another object, you need to purchase a new bike helmet. You should also avoid accidentally dropping the helmet, since it could damage the helmet, reducing its ability to protect your head.

Remember, your helmet is essential for bicycle safety, and you need to wear it every time you get on your bike. Find a helmet in a cool design to fit your personal style, and enjoy biking the safe way.

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    Along with a bicycle helmet , you should have something to secure your valuables while you ride. Nothing is worse than completing an exhilarating ride only to find you lost your keys or wallet.

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