How do I Select and Implement an ERP System

WHAT IS ERP? ERP is a term that is widely used yet probably not well understood. It stands for Enterprise Resource Planning and although it was initially targeted to manufacturing companies, today it encompasses any product that can be used across an enterprise. When implemented effectively, ERP enables companies to break down traditional organizational silos, […]

What are Lean Manufacturing Principles?

Understanding The Lean Manufacturing Principles Companies are always searching for a more efficient way to run their business. Cost cutting is the most popular way of doing getting ahead of the competition. This ideal management setting can be achieved by practicing the lean manufacturing principles. Lean manufacturing is the management philosophy of no waste. The […]

What are The Basics of Concrete Foundation Repair

As a piece of exposed concrete ages, it may become cracked or pitted due to various causes. When that piece of concrete is the foundation for a structure, the entire structure becomes endangered and compromised. The main culprit behind cracks in concrete foundations is water. Water will always find the lowest and easiest path for […]